Instructional Video Catalog

How to Use the NETCHE Instructional Video Catalog

NETCHE maintains a video library of over 1400 programs, including both NETCHE-produced and acquired programs. This catalog lists all programs which are available to NETCHE members without charge. Some programs, as noted in each listing, are available for purchase by non-NETCHE members through NET.

Search the NETCHE video library:

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Order your program at least one week in advance of your show date. All programs are sent to your tape coordinator. Programs need to be returned to your tape coordinator immediately after use to ensure they are available for the next person to use.

NETCHE member institutions are allowed to duplicate any NETCHE-produced video or multimedia program. Copyright law prohibits duplication of any video or multimedia program that is not produced by NETCHE. Most programs checked out through NETCHE can be played on a campus closed circuit system.


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