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   · Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace, The
   · Change and Leadership
   · Framing the Future: Leadership Skills for a New Century
   · How to Manage Employee Termination to Minimize Legal Liability
   · How to Manage Performance and Discipline to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Legal Liability
   · How to Recruit, Interview and Hire to Maximize Effectiveness and Minimize Legal Liability
   · Leadershift: Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century
   · Max and Max: Unleashing the Potential in People...and Dogs
   · Paradigm Curve, The
   · Paradigm Effect, The
   · Paradigm Hunting
   · Paradigm Partners
   · Passion for Customers with Tom Peters, A
   · Plan, Till and Plant
   · Tactics of Innovation
   · Teamwork in Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232
   · Tom Peters: Radically Reengineering Business
   · Vision of Teams, The


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