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   · Affirmative Action versus Reverse Discrimination
   · Alf Landon at 90
   · Ali Mazrui on From the Cold War of Ideology to the Cold War of Race: The Threat of Global Apartheid in the 90's
   · Anthony Lake on Superpower or Supercop: Dangers and Opportunities in the Post Cold War Era
   · Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Crying in the Wilderness: The Struggle for Justice in South Africa
   · Barcelona Blueprint, The
   · Battle for the Bible, The
   · Brazil: Winning Against AIDS
   · Campaign Spending
   · City Life
   · Community by Design
   · Crime and Insanity
   · Crime and Punishments
   · Criminal Justice and a Defendant's Right to a Fair Trial
   · Doing the Right Thing
   · E. F. Schumacher: Economist
   · Edward James Olmos on We're All in the Same Gang
   · Electing Women
   · Elie Wiesel
   · Elizabeth Fernea on Middle Eastern Women Today, 1996
   · Executive Privilege and Delegation of Power
   · Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler, The
   · Father Andrew Greeley on Religion and Popular Culture
   · FDR and the New Deal
   · Federalism
   · Fighting Liberal: A Portrait of Senator George Norris, The
   · Fistful of Rice, A
   · For the People
   · Fr. Miguel d'Escota, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister (1979-93)
   · Gaza Under Siege
   · Gerald F. Seib on America: The Reluctant World Custodian
   · God and the Constitution
   · Gordon Hirabayashi on a Personal Matter: Gordon Hirabayashi versus the United States
   · Health Protestors, The
   · Hedrick Smith on Russia's Rocky Road to Freedom
   · Helen Thomas on Watchdog at the White House from Kennedy to Clinton
   · Holy Smoke: Cambodians Fight Tobacco
   · Immigration Reform
   · In the Beginning
   · James Clad on Immigration and U.S. Policy: Is the Statue of Liberty a Standing Invitation?
   · Jessica Tuchman Matthews on Trade, Development, and the Environment: Global Issues and Global Policies
   · Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
   · Justice Michael Kirby on Human Rights in the New Millennium
   · Justice Sandra Day O'Conner
   · Ken Burns: Thomas Jefferson
   · Kingdom Divided, The
   · Legislating Morality: There Oughta Be a Law!
   · Lines in the Dust
   · Long March, The
   · Miller's Tale, The: The Bread of Life
   · Missing Out
   · Mortimer Adler: Teaching the Constitution
   · Mr. Justice Blackmun
   · My Hanoi
   · My Mother Built This House
   · National Security and Freedom of the Press
   · Nicholas Daniloff, Former Moscow correspondent for UPI and U.S. News and World Report
   · Nomination, Election and Succession of the President
   · On Earth as It is in Heaven
   · Other Side, The
   · Paradise Domain
   · Patently Obvious
   · Pavements of Gold
   · Paying the Price
   · Peter Arnett
   · Richard Burkholder, Jr., on The Mind of the Chinese Consumer: Polling the World's Most Populous Nation
   · Right to Live, Right to Die
   · Robert Hitchcock
   · Ronald Dworkin: The Changing Story
   · Rushworth Kidder on Shared Values Troubled Times: Global Ethics for the 21st Century
   · Safe Speech, Free Speech And The University
   · School Prayer, Gun Control, and the Right to Assemble
   · Stop the Traffick
   · Strictly Speaking: Attorney General Edwin Meese and Judge Robert Bork
   · Thomas Friedman on The Middle East and Clinton's Foreign Policy
   · Thomas Gouttierre on Drugs, Thugs, and U.S. Interest on the Historic Silk and Spice Roads
   · Together Against Violence
   · Waiting to Go
   · Walter McDougall on Atlanticism, the New Atlantis: Euro-American Reveries and Realities
   · War Powers and Covert Action
   · We Have A Plan
   · Werner Fornos on Gaining People, Losing Ground: The Consequences of Overpopulation


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