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Title:   " Computers in Small Business "

Many businesses today are struggling with the questions concerning computer application. Rapidly expanding computer companies and their sales representatives, mass media campaigns, and peer group pressures have combined to oftentimes make some business people feel that to be without a computer is to be unsuccessful. This lesson looks at the many problems involved in this perplexing modern day issue. It begins by making suggestions on how businesses can determine their computer needs. (In some instances, it is found that some businesses can operate best without computers.) Once such an analysis is completed, a business can look for the software that will best fit its needs. The final phase is selection of the hardware. The pitfalls of determining need, selecting software and hardware are described through case studies of businesses that have gone through the process. Some of the results are positive but some reflect experiences that were expensive and disappointing. The program also illustrates a simple procedure that businesses can follow in making computer use decisions. This lesson can be used in many business courses and with community service agencies.

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Production Date:  1983
Length:  26 minutes
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Subject:  Business Technology
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