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Who really owns the Black Hills of western South Dakota? The arguments are as intertwined as the dark pines for which the area is named. To the Lakota Sioux, it is sacred ground lost; to the U.S. government, it is land fairly claimed and settled. The roots of this dispute are examined in The Black Hills: Who Owns the Land?, a two-part production by NETCHE. These half-hour segments present facts and beliefs that have fueled over a century of debate. Historic photos and research are interwoven with sometimes conflicting opinions from contemporary experts, ranging from Russell Means of the American Indian Movement to Joe Assman, a white resident being sued for his land. Viewers also hear from Bill Welch, Black Hills hotel owner; Bill Elison, Mario Gonzales, and Ramon Robideaux, attorneys; Matthew King, spiritual leader; James Hansen, historian and Roland Dewings, content consultant for this series.

A NETCHE Production

Production Date:  1986
Length:  Two, 30-minute programs
Subject:  History Multicultural
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Titles in this Series:

Treaty of 1868, The
Black Hills Claim


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