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Title:   " COSMOS "

A 13-part series, Cosmos is a spectacular voyage through space and time, exploring our past, present, and future relationships with the universe. As host and principal writer, Dr. Carl Sagan, distinguished astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, provides viewers with a new sense of humanity's place in the universe. While many of the programs deal with astronomy and cosmology, topics range from comparative religions to biology and genetics. The one-hour programs were filmed at 40 locations in over a dozen different countries and incorporate more than 70 special effects sequences, enabling viewers to travel from faraway galaxies to the inside of the human brain.

Production Date:  1980
Length:  13, 60-minute programs
Subject:  Astronomy
Non-Members:  Not available
Titles in this Series:

Shores of the Cosmic Ocean, The
One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue
Harmony of Worlds, The
Heaven and Hell
Blues for a Red Planet
Travelers' Tales
Backbone of Night, The
Journeys in Space and Time
Lives of the Stars, The
Edge of Forever, The
Persistence of Memory, The
Encyclopedia Galactica, The
Who Speaks for Earth?


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