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Classroom discipline problems and a variety of approaches for solving them are dramatically recreated in this series for teachers and teaching students. Because no single approach works in every instance, several are illustrated: Logical Consequences, Reality Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Contingency Management and Constructive Confrontation. Some 100 dramatic scenes based on actual incidents illustrate use of the various techniques. Each program ends with an unresolved trigger scene to encourage viewer involvement.

Production Date:  1980
Length:  12, 30-minute programs
Subject:  Education--Secondary
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Titles in this Series:

Coping with Conflict
Between Classes
Dope on Drugs, The
Discipline and the Law
If A, Then B
Before M and M's
More Than M and M's
Constructive Confrontations
R T Techniques
T A for Teachers
Ounce of Prevention, An


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