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Spirited visionaries and tough-minded tycoons are featured in six one-hour programs profiling men and women who changed the way America lives. Robert Mitchum narrates this series combining historical footage with up-to-date expertise from the Harvard Business School faculty. Wizards of free enterprise from Thomas Edison through Henry Ford, King Gillette, Charles Darrow (creator of the Monopoly game), Margaret Rudkin (Pepperidge Farms), Col. Harlan Sanders and many more are featured in portraits that illustrate America's unique spirit of free enterprise and individualism.

Production Date:  N/A
Length:  Six, 60-minute programs
Subject:  Business
Non-Members:  Not available
Titles in this Series:

Entrepreneurs, The
Opportunity: The Land and Its People
Expanding America
Made in America
Salesman: Giving 'Em What They Want, The
Instant America


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