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This outstanding educational resource from the Annenberg/CPB Collection addresses contemporary ethical conflicts being faced in business, government, civil and criminal law, journalism, the military, medicine and scientific research. In each of the 10 one-hour programs, a hypothetical case study is presented and a moderator poses thought-provoking questions to a panel of distinguished Americans. Among them are figures such as Geraldine Ferraro, ABC anchorman Peter Jennings, Jean Kirkpatrick, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, CBS correspondent Mike Wallace, columnist Ellen Goodman, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, and General William C. Westmoreland. The series unfolds as these individuals share their experiences, thoughts and feelings on how hard choices are made in an increasingly complex society. Ethics in America is introduced by Fred W. Friendly, Edward R. Murrow Professor Emeritus at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and moderated by various professors of law.

Production Date:  1991
Length:  11, 60-minute programs
Subject:  Ethics Philosophy
Non-Members:  Not available
Titles in this Series:

Do Unto Others
To Defend a Killer
Public Trust, Private Interests
Does Doctor Know Best?
Under Orders, Under Fire (Part I)
Under Orders, Under Fire (Part II)
Truth On Trial
Human Experiment, The
Politics, Privacy, and the Press
Politics of Privacy, The
Anatomy of a Corporate Takeover, The


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