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This series appeals to the liberal arts undergraduate by emphasizing the many uses and practical applications of mathematics. It focuses on the importance and usefulness of mathematics while introducing concepts and quantitative methods in familiar settings. The course shows mathematics as the language of modern problem solving. From rocketry to running a small business, the essentials of planning and execution are found in mathematics. The programs are divided into five major topics: management science, statistics, social choice, size and shape, and computer science. Each module contains an introductory overview and four teaching programs. A final program concludes the series with a review and suggestions for further study.

Production Date:  1987
Length:  26, 30-minute programs
Subject:  Mathematics
Non-Members:  Not available
Titles in this Series:

Street Smarts
Trains, Planes, and Critical Paths
Juggling Machines
Juicy Problems
Behind the Headlines
Picture This
Place Your Bets
Confident Conclusions
Overview -- Social Choice
Impossible Dream, The
More Equal Than Others
Zero Sum Games
Prisoner's Dilemma
Overview On Size and Shape
How Big is Too Big
It Grows and Grows
Stand Up Conic
It Started in Greece
Overview -- Computer Science
Rules of the Game
Counting by Twos
Creating a Code
Moving Picture Show
Summing Up


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