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Legacies of the Depression on the Great Plains is a two-program series that employs the oral history technique to explore the impact of the Depression on those who lived through it, and its vestiges in the lives of their progeny -- for whom it may represent little more than a history lesson. Still photos and motion pictures from the past and present provide the visual evidence of these legacies. The resilience of both the land and the people is vividly documented, as are the changes, both temporary and permanent, which sprang from the Depression. Hosted by noted Broadway actor John Beal, Legacies of the Depression on the Great Plains describes both the economic and human conditions wrought by those destitute times. The series has its beginning with a personal project of former NETCHE staff member, Bill Ganzel, which was concerned with the photographs of the Farm Security Administration (FSA). The FSA was a New Deal agency which shot and cataloged over 170,000 pictures, documenting almost every conceivable aspect of life during the 1930's. Many of the photographs used in the production were supplied by the Library of Congress from the FSA collection. Photographer Ganzel has enhanced these valuable archives by reshooting many of the locations and people from the FSA photos. The result is a stunning visual comparison, amplified by the stories of the people involved.

A NETCHE Production

Production Date:  1978
Length:  Two, 30-minute programs
Subject:  History Sociology
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Farm, The
Small Town, The


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