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The small stage used in this production necessitated script modification and adaptation, the elimination of several of the original characters, and limited use of stage scenery. Such actions, however, do not detract from the purpose of the four programs -- to show stage movement, gestures and spatial relationships between the actors. It was not produced to be a television play. What the viewer sees is a stage play. Of particular interest are the excellent costumes and original music written especially for this production. The programs are suggested for use as a demonstration of Shakes-peare for college actors and production students.

A NETCHE Production

Production Date:  1984
Length:  Four programs of varying lengths
Subject:  Theater
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Titles in this Series:

Othello: A Stage Production -- Program 1
Othello: A Stage Production -- Program 2
Othello: A Stage Production -- Program 3
Othello: A Stage Production -- Program 4


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