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To many beginning teachers the most difficult part of their new career is meeting the first class. This anxiety is often felt by individuals who come into teaching without the benefit of a teacher education background. These people are most often part of a vocational training program. They bring with them a high degree of skills and extensive background in their technical area, but have very little experience in actual classroom teaching. Beyond the first class meeting are the remaining weeks of the semester and the contining need to keep the students' interest on a daily basis. Helping the beginning vocational instructor with the two concerns of meeting the first class and organizing class activities is the topic of Vocational Teaching. This two-part series attempts to dispel many of the unknown ghosts that haunt the first time instructor. While the series is specifically intended for use in a vocational teaching situation, the principles used in the programs are applicable to a variety of teaching situations in college classes and in other activities that use an instructor. Both lessons could be useful with community service organizations.

A NETCHE Production

Production Date:  1986
Length:  Two, 30-minute programs
Subject:  Education--Adult
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Titles in this Series:

Meeting the First Class
Keeping Their Attention


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