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Title:   " Conversation with Wright Morris "

In this conversation with host Robert Cromie, Wright Morris, a native Nebraskan, discusses his 19th novel, Plains Song, and explores his "preoccupation with Midwest sensibilities." Plains Song, subtitled "For Women's Voices," goes back to the time of Morris' early youth on the Great Plains. The central characters of the novel typify the Plains women of that time. Morris describes them as women who understood that the pleasures in life come not from what you indulge in, but what you do without. Most of Morris' novels deal with the Great Plains region, although he did not begin to write until many years after he had left the area. When he did begin to write, he was surprised to find that he wrote best when writing about his youth on the Plains -- "a world he had completely forgotten." He says that the fact he left the Plains as a boy is the crucial accident of his career as a writer, since his youth has remained to him an "undiscovered country," and it is the undiscovered that is fruitful to the imagination. This program was produced as a part of the Nebraska ETV Network series Bookshelf Special.

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Production Date:  1980
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Literature Gender Issues
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