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Title:   " ADD--Not Just Kid Stuff "

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has its onset in childhood, but for many it persists into adulthood. Learn about the manifestations, diagnosis, interventions and treatment of ADD as you follow Julio and Mike in their homes, workplaces, in a support group and with a therapist. Julio, diagnosed as ADD in childhood, is now in his early twenties. He has just moved to a new town and is working with Marty, a therapist, as he starts a job in the "real world." Mike, in his late thirties, is a recently promoted sales man whose ADD has never been diagnosed. His new job responsibilities seem to bring out the worst in him, and the strain is taking its toll on his emotional state and on his marriage to Ellen. Prompted by a television program, Mike and Ellen seek counseling, struggle with the diagnosis and work on strategies that will improve their lives both at home and work.

A NETCHE Production

Production Date:  1997
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Special Education--Psychology
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