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Title:   " Math and Science Through the Eyes of Culture "

What does it mean to do mathematics? What does it mean to do science? Meet Tom Hull of Rhode Island University, Eloy Rodriguez of Cornell University and Ron Eglash of Ohio State University, who use unique approaches to their disciplines. Their problem-solving methods and perspectives are multidisciplinary and rich in cultural connections. Visual representations are key problem-solving techniques for mathematicians, Eglash and Hull. For Eglash, those representations have roots in Japan, China and the Moors of Spain. Rodriguez, a scientist, focuses not only on the preservation of biodiversity but also the preservation of cultural diversity. He is a chemist, biologist and botanist who praises and learns from the scientific knowledge of indigenous peoples. His laboratory is often the jungle. These three individuals represent different interests. However, each uses problem-solving approaches seasoned in cultural connections.

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Production Date:  1997
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Mathematics Multicultural
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