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Title:   " Country Clubs: City Gangs In Rural Areas "

The Nebraska press has often focused on Omaha's gangs, but the reality is that gangs are slowly edging into rural communities across the state, too. This 30-minute documentary examines the sociological, psychological and economic aspects of gang membership and why the number of rural gangs is growing in Nebraska. The idea of gangs is hardly new. Butch Cassidy had a gang. So did Jesse James, Al Capone and Dutch Schultz. And, for a number of Americans, the reasons for joining a gang have remained the same. For many, the gang takes the place of a family. Gang members receive security, friendship and emotional support. Through gangs, a teenager can get respect, material possessions and notoriety -- and these situations (that lead to gang membership) are just as serious in rural areas as in urban areas. This program is intended for use in college psychology and sociology classrooms.

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Production Date:  1993
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Psychology
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