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Title:   " Covering the Police Beat: The Arrest and Arraignment of Vicki Smith "

A city editor often assigns a new reporter to the police beat because it is the fastest way to teach a reporter about the city and to test his or her writing and reporting abilities. Designed for use in journalism classes, this lesson follows a reporter assigned to the police beat through a day's work as he checks information and follows the progress of an arrest made the previous night. The lesson demonstrates many of the sources of information available to the police reporter, such as police reports, court records, and personal contacts among the police force. The arraignment, reenacted in the lesson, is an important source of reliable information regarding any case, and the prosecutor assigned to the case may also provide the reporter with insights not available in official reports. Covering the Police Beat is a companion lesson to The State vs. Vicki Smith.

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Production Date:  1980
Length:  20 minutes
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Subject:  Journalism
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