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Title:   " Small Town, The "

Part 2--The Small Town looks in detail at the experience of one small town, Broken Bow, Nebraska, during the thirties to give the student the flavor of life in small towns on the plains. Broken Bow is now, and was during the Depression what geographers call a 'central place,' where farmers sell crops and purchase goods and services which they can't provide for themselves. It is here that the interrelationships between urban and rural segments of our population can best be seen. And here too, because they are transportation centers, we see the great army of the dispossessed--called "hobos"--as they rummage helplessly across the country looking for jobs and opportunities. And finally, we see the profoundly troubled farmers themselves as they trudge into the town to see the assistance available through the alphabet soup of New Deal agencies. This lesson is recommended for use in humanities courses and can be used at all levels. It concentrates on the aesthetic aspects of depression events and is not intneded for use as a chronological presentation.

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Production Date:  1978
Length:  30 minutes
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