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Title:   " Face to Face: Guide to Performance Makeup "

These five episodes teach how to apply stage makeup to help create characters. Viewers learn the purpose of makeup, the details to consider, the application process, makeup for special effects and the proper removal process. Creating a Character Learn the purpose of makeup and how it helps a performer create a unique character. Basic Stage Makeup This program examines the details that should be considered before applying makeup and discusses the application process. Special Applications Learn how to create such features as noses, chins, beards, black eyes, scars, cuts and wrinkled skin. Fantasy Makeup This segment shows how to use makeup to create clowns, werewolves, witches and cats. Cleaning Up The final lesson illustrates proper makeup removal, explaining how to minimize problems such as skin irritation.

Production Date:  1993
Length:  Five episodes on three tapes, 300 minutes total
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Subject:  Theater
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