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Title:   " Bill Cosby on Prejudice "

In one long, jolting monologue, Bill Cosby, Portraying America's composite bigot, systematically disowns the human race. Jews and Japanese, Purerto Ricans and Indians, the Scots, Irish and Blacks. No minority group is left out. He gathers together all the typical cliches and stereotypes about particular groups of people, concluding, "What this country needs is a good flushing out...Just get rid of 'em. Nicely. No blood. Ain't got nothing against them." The monologue has a snowballing effectiveness in its expression of how prejudice isolates the bigot from his or her world. It is certain to compel viewers to examine their own prejudices and encourage discussion of the impact of bigotry on society. The program is useful for affirmative action programs and human relations institutes. Leader's guide available.

Production Date:  1972
Length:  24 minutes
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Subject:  Multicultural Psychology
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