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Title:   " Coming Out In Rural Nebraska "

Martin, Scott, Kate and Alex grew up in rural communities. Martin, Scott, Kate and Alex are also homosexual. In this documentary, they share their experiences of growing up and coming out to family and friends. While there are many similarities in their stories--feelings of isolation and fear of rejection--there are also differences in their coming-out-experiences. The four honestly and straightforwardly talk about myths and stereotypes about gay and lesbians, the societal structures of their hometowns and their experiences growing up there, as well as the tolerance and intolerance they have experiences since coming out. There is heartwarming harmony regarding the important roles that family and allies play in the coming-out process, as well as the relief and feelings of freedom experienced after coming out. Also included are interviews with Kate's father, Tom, who talks about his daughter's coming-out-conversation with him and their subsequent closer relationship, and Paul Cohen, pastor of the Campus Lutheran Church at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, who talks about his open congregation. Visit Coming Out In Rural Nebraska on the Web at

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Production Date:  1999
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Sociology Gender Issues
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