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Title:   " Date Rape: Behind Closed Doors "

The myths and misconceptions surrounding date rape provide insight into the origins of this crime. This eye-opening video defines rape and elaborates on the fact that rape is a crime of violence, not a crime of passion. The specific issues surrounding acquaintance rape are explored. Interviews with rape crisis counselors and rape victims provide a unique perspective on this crime of anger, power, and control. Viewers learn specific actions they can take to avoid becoming victims of date rape along with coping strategies should it happen to them or someone they know. Viewers learn to deal with the fear that no one will believe them, feelings of guilt for placing themselves in the situation, and the many "should have's" and "shouldn't have's" which are often associated with date rape. This fast-paced and informative program discusses the serious consequences of rape, presents strategies for prevention, and offers specific advice and comfort for people who have been victimized.

Production Date:  1994
Length:  35 minutes
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Subject:  Sociology Gender Issues
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