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Title:   " Deafening Sound "

Our world is noisy and we are steadily cranking up the volume. As a result, more teens and their baby-boomer parents are facing profound hearing loss and tinnitus -- ringing in their ears. Deafening Sound, a new one-hour program produced by Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, explores this noisy, sometimes deafening world. It features interviews with hearing specialists as well as quirky profiles of musicians, technicians and young people hooked on extreme sound. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 10 million people in the United States have hearing loss. Whether caused by brief but intensive noise or cumulative exposure to damaging levels of sound, noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible. One of the obvious causes of hearing loss among the young is digital sound systems capable of extreme amplification. Other common causes include musical instruments, indoor sports stadiums, children's toys, and movie theaters, which can produce sound at decibel levels loud enough to damage hearing. The Deafening Sound Web site contains additional information and resources related to the program.

Production Date:  2000
Length:  54 minutes
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Subject:  Health and Human Performance Music
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