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Title:   " Alf Landon at 90 "

Alfred M. Landon, former Bull Moose Progressive, former governor of Kansas, and Republican candidate for president in 1936, was hale and hearty in the fall of 1977 when he was interviewed at his home in Topeka, Kansas. He retained his interest in state and national politics, ran his radio stations and his oil business, rode his horse, Red, every morning, and went to the office every day. Landon said he had no plans for retiring. "I plan to keep on doing just what I'm doing. I get up somewhere about daylight. In the summer time, that's pretty early. I get down and eat breakfast, saddle up the horse, and take a ride. I'm not riding as far or as fast as I used to. By the time I get back, some telephone calls have accumulated. I usually make it to the office just before or after lunch. There may be business decisions to make. Political events may have occurred. Out in Kansas we still pay a lot of attention to what's happening in the state." This lesson should be used to reflect the personality of Mr. Landon. It can be used at all levels and centers on the man rather than the issues. It does not require a pre-telecast orientation for students.

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Production Date:  1970
Length:  30 minutes
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