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Title:   " EARLY FACES OF VIOLENCE, THE--From Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment "

THE EARLY FACES OF VIOLENCE is a seven-part, legally-based video education program for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students, parents, and educators. The program challenges children to give up bullying, harassing and hurting others and empowers them to stand up for themselves. It also assists teachers, staff and parents to take charge in dealing with a problem that has garnered national recognition as a serious impediment to a healthy, safe learning environment. Teachers are encouraged to develop lesson plans that engage students and to create a partnership with parents and community members to make schools safe.

Production Date:  1999
Length:  Seven programs of varying lengths
Subject:  Gender Issues Law
Non-Members:  Not available
Titles in this Series:

Show and Tell! The Movie
You and Me
Learning the Game
Max’s Magical Machine
Culture of Cruelty, A
Just the Facts Ma’am
You and Your School


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