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Title:   " All Is But a Beginning--Part 1 "

When he was just turning 12, John Neihardt, poet laureate of the State of Nebraska, fell ill and had a recurring dream that was to change his life. "There I was, flying face downward, with arms and hands thrust forward like a diver's. There was vastness terribly empty, save for a few lost stars, too dim and wearily remote to ever be reached. And there was dreadful speed, a speed so great that whatever lay beneath me whether air or ether turned hard and slick as glass...There was something dear to leave behind, something yonder to be overtaken. Faster! Faster! Faster!" Gradually after that, the boy who had wanted to invent a better steam engine became a writer. Neihardt talks about the spirit of that dream, "the urgent obligation to give oneself away, to be lost in something impersonal and bigger than oneself" and how he found that spirit expressed again in the words of the legendary Native American, Chief Black Elk.

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Production Date:  1972
Length:  30 minutes
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