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Title:   " Electrical Safety in the Medical Environment "

Electrical equipment has become an integral element of the service and treatment areas in medical facilities. The people who provide such treatment must maintain constant surveillance to ensure that electrical equipment is safely and efficiently used. This lesson outlines basic electrical safety procedures for such medical personnel. It can be used at all levels of training for students in nursing and medical technology. The material presented also constitutes a valuable review for in-service training. Produced at St. Joseph's Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, the program uses dramatized hospital events and interviews to illustrate and emphasize various safety rules. It also looks at how a hospital's total electrical system works and discusses state and federal safety codes. The point well made, however, is that despite the existence of codes and well constructed machinery with safety features, the prime responsibility for ensuring safety lies with alert and well informed operators.

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Production Date:  1983
Length:  22 minutes
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Subject:  Nursing Technology
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