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Title:   " Excellence in Higher Education "

Achieving quality education in colleges and universities is a primary goal for Dr. Alexander Astin. In this thirty-minute panel discussion, Dr. Astin and a group of specialists in faculty development review the status of postsecondary education in America. Dr. Astin is one of the nation's leading researchers in postsecondary instruction. He is well-known for his analysis of what constitutes "quality" education. His research leans heavily on the value of a good teacher as contributing most to a good education. Other indicators of a strong instructional base include the size of the institution and orientation towards research. In some instances, our traditional idea that quality education comes from large research universities is not in keeping with the results of Dr. Astin's twenty years of research. This relaxed and informal presentation is of value to students and faculty groups investigating ways of improving instruction.

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Production Date:  1987
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Adult Education
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