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Title:   " Farmsteads: The Dream vs. the Reality "

The nearest that Rexford Guy Tugwell, a visionary and member of FDR's brain trust, came to realizing his dream of "remaking America" was to become in 1935 head of the Resettlement Administration. Implemented under the Federal Emergency Relief Act, this organization had as one of its many projects the resettlement of destitute farmers in cooperative communities. Nebraska, Kansas, and North and South Dakota comprised one of the 11 regions into which the nation was divided. This lesson deals with two of the eight Nebraska farmsteads, the Two Rivers farmstead and the South Sioux farmstead. Still photographs, newspaper items and the comments of Hans Hoiberg, head of the regional Family Selection Section, and of farmers and their wives who lived on the farmsteads recreate this little known aspect of the history of the Great Depression.

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Production Date:  1980
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Agriculture History
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