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Title:   " Five Hundred Mile Sculpture Garden "

This hour-long program tells the story of the controversial U.S. Interstate-80 highway sculptures erected in Nebraska in honor of the U.S. Bicentennial. The aim of the Nebraska Bicentennial Sculpture Project was to provide Nebraskans and the more than six million visitors who annually travel across the state an opportunity to view some stunning examples of contemporary sculpture. Announcement of the winning designs for the ten sculptures brought both praise and protest. Many of the state's citizens were outraged by the abstract designs and the fact that none of the selected sculptors were from Nebraska. The pro-sculpture faction won out after a statewide series of hearings was held on whether the state should proceed with the project. This program documents the progression of events surrounding the sculptures -- the artists' concepts, the controversy, the building of some of the sculptures and the dedication ceremonies attended by state dignitaries and hundreds of spectators.

Production Date:  1976
Length:  60 minutes
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Subject:  Art
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