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Title:   " Family, The "

Family relationships are at the heart of Omaha culture, and this is the personal story of generations of the Oliver Saunsoci family -- their concerns, their hopes and the factors affecting their lives. Oliver Saunsoci, Sr., and his wife, Mae, recently returned to the reservation from Lincoln, Nebraska, where they had lived for many years. They live on a farmstead near the reservation's principal town, Macy, where Oliver Sr. is a respected elder of the tribe and a leader in the Native American Church. He is often sought out for counsel and advice. He talks about family life, reflects on his son's upbringing and explains some elements of religion and traditional healing. Oliver Saunsoci, Jr., is in his mid-40s. He and his wife, Charlotte, live in Macy with their eight children, three grandchildren and a recently adopted three-month-old nephew. They also lived in Lincoln for a number of years and moved back to the reservation in 1974, when Oliver, Jr., enrolled at the American Indian Satellite College. Charlotte works part-time to help support the family's needs. Even though they endure financial hardships, Oliver and Charlotte are, in a sense, a wealthy couple. In traditional Omaha society, riches are not measured by material possessions. A large, close family measures status. The father-son relationship between Oliver, Sr., and Oliver, Jr., is particularly important. As the oldest male of 11 children, Oliver, Jr., will one day be responsible for the welfare of the Saunsoci family. The program focuses on the families at home, at work, on outings, at religious ceremonies and at Oliver's graduation.

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Production Date:  1979
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Multicultural Sociology
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