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Title:   " Past, Present, Future -- Mari Sandoz "

When she was growing up in the Nebraska panhandle, Mari Sandoz began to realize that it was "a story-teller region -- all the old traders, the old French trappers, all the old characters who had been around the Black Hills told grand stories of their travels and experiences in the early days of the Missouri and around Fort Laramie. The Indians were wonderful story tellers." Later those stories would be re-interpreted to readers all over the world, and the Nebraska sandhills became a place that exists in the imagination of people who have never been near it. She was nine before she was able to start school, but it was then that she discovered "that little black marks were the key to wonderful stories." That discovery carried her into college at the University of Nebraska where she began to win awards for her stories. In response her father wrote, "You know I consider writers and artists the maggots of society." He later relented and asked her to write about his "struggles as a locator, a builder of communities, a bringer of fruit to the panhandle." That story became Old Jules. How she moved from that initial inspiration through research and then into writing is the subject of this interview.

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Production Date:  1961
Length:  30 minutes
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