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Title:   " Secondary Classroom Management Techniques "

Classroom management involves the dynamic understanding of a variety of factors -- the psycho-social forces coming from the students, the social atmosphere of the school, the physical setting, instructional methods of the school, the family, and community norms. All of these forces are processed through the teacher who has the responsibility for developing, maintaining and enforcing certain minimal behavioral values, standards and limits. This lesson demonstrates ten techniques that have proven effective in promoting and maintaining positive classroom behavior in junior and senior high schools. The program looks at how each technique works through actual teachers working with their students in prepared situations. Teachers are encouraged to select the techniques which best fit their own specific situations. The presentation deals with a wide range of teacher/student relationships from the least disruptive situations to encounters where the student must be removed from the classroom. This program is a companion to Classroom Management Techniques and is intended for use in general methods classes. A number of the techniques are used in both programs.

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Production Date:  1983
Length:  29 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Secondary Education
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