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Title:   " State vs. Vicki Smith, The "

A re-enactment of the trial of a young woman charged with possession of marijuana. Taken from an actual case and filmed in the Lancaster County (Nebraska) Court Room of Judge Jeffre Cheuvront, The State vs. Vicki Smith is a careful, step-by-step documentation of the legal process of the common misdemeanor trial. Following up a complaint by neighbors of loud noises emanating from a party taking place in an apartment, investigating police officers observed Ms. Smith holding a "bong" pipe which was subsequently determined to hold a quantity of marijuana. Additional marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia was also found. Vicki Smith was one of several persons charged with criminal possession of the drug. She pled innocent and her attorney argued that the State had an obligation to show knowledge and intent, that is, that she was aware that the pipe held marijuana and that she intended to illegally use it. From there the relevant laws as well as the workings of the legal system are depicted in detail. As usual, "the names have been changed to protect the innocent." This lesson is intended to be used by journalism students as a source for writing a newspaper story based on a trial. As court reporting is an exacting task, the availability of the trial on videotape allows faculty and students to review the material and assess the students' writing.

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Production Date:  1978
Length:  40 minutes
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Subject:  Law Journalism
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