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Title:   " Chinese Experience, The "

East is still East and West is still West, but the twain do meet more often since the late 1970s when the United States and China began exchanging tourists. Travel officer Yuan Bing of Shanghai, China, has witnessed much of that exchange and journeyed to the United States himself to take part in an Inter Term Experience at Doane College, in Crete, Nebraska. The Chinese Experience recounts, through an informal panel discussion, some of the unique insights into both cultures the visit provided. Former Doane President Phillip Heckman serves as host to Bing as well as UNL's Dr. Dean Rugg, Hal Mischnick of Lincoln Tour and Travel, and Henry Kelton, one of Bing's students in the four week inter-term class. Throughout the program, the contrasts between the two countries are explored. The viewer will learn about the tourism industry in China and the changes that were necessary to accommodate outside visitors. Its tourism division only came into being in 1954; its long term goal is now seven million visitors per year. The program also delves into the reactions of China's visitors to the U.S. and why more Americans visit China than Chinese visit America. Beyond tourism, the changes that have taken place in China as a culture are also discussed. The Cultural Revolution and the philosophical upheavals since, as well as modern technology and Western ideas, have contributed to the reshaping of this labor intensive, agricultural, highly populated nation. As an introduction to modern China or an initiation into the realities of cultural exchange and the tourism industry, The Chinese Experience provides stimulus for further discussion and study.

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Production Date:  1985
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Asia Multicultural
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