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Title:   " Wright Morris/Repossession -- Part 1 "

Part 1 begins with Morris remembering how, growing up near Central City, Nebraska, his family acquired their first novel, a gift from an aunt who later became a school teacher. It was lying on its side to hold flat his mother's recipes. "A use had been found for it," Morris says. "This is part of the inquiry. Why and in what way does a man who grew up where there was nothing more useless than fiction get into this business, become a writer of books?" Through a visit to Central City, through photographs he has taken around the area, through readings from several books, and through Morris' accounts of his life, this process is explored. In a conversation with Wayne C.Booth, from the University of Chicago, Morris examines how he has drawn on his early experiences in Nebraska. With John Aldridge, from the University of Michigan, he examines the American literary tradition of the vernacular and the limits which that approach to writing imposes. And he remembers how, in Paris, another "exile spending a year abroad" asked him if he was working for a magazine, perhaps Harpers? " ' Well...yes, perhaps. It might be Harpers. Why not?; From that point on I was reasonably confident?' Of course! I'm a writer. All I have to do now is write."

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Production Date:  1976
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Biography Literature
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