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Title:   " Wright Morris/Repossession -- Part 2 "

Part 2 When he returned from Paris in 1934, Morris began writing seriously. He completed two manuscripts, which he now calls immature. He became interested in photography through his attempts at literary description. "If I'm trying to catch the visual reality, why not photograph it? Why should I describe it -- here it is." So he began looking for "the expressive artifact" and five years later, combined prose with photographs in The Inhabitants. In the meantime, his first novel, My Uncle Dudley, was published in 1942. He had become a writer, he had written. With Peter C. Bunnell, from Princeton University, Morris discusses his approach to photography, how "the fragmented presence of the entire person or of a life can be captured in a group of accidently assembled artifacts." And with John Aldridge, again, he explores the reader's relation to the novel. But in the end we come back to the question, why did this man become a writer? In answer Morris says, "writing is one of the available, socially sanctioned activities of the imagination. And the imagination is absolutely necessary; for if the imagination is blocked, something in man withers."

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Production Date:  1976
Length:  30 minutes
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