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Title:   " Classroom Management Techniques "

In recent years, we have heard a lot about disruptive classroom behavior. Some of the reasons for this are known: some pupils who were formerly in special programs or not in school at all are now in the regular classroom; some students have had stressful experiences outside of the school, which they bring to school with them; and some students simply have trouble coping in a normal classroom environment. Classroom Management Techniques is a 30-minute lesson that demonstrates a series of management techniques to control and prevent behavior problems in the classroom. Faced with disruptive behavior, the teacher has four alternatives. The teacher can permit it, tolerate it, interfere with or stop it, or such behavior can be prevented through planning. Each is a valid response that, in the right circumstance, can be effective. This lesson also stresses the need to let the student know what he/she can do as well as what he/she can't do. Certain kinds of behavior, disruptive in minor ways, must be tolerated, e.g. those that result from a student's failure to understand the assignment, or behavior related to growth stages or illnesses. The lesson provides a series of 12 techniques that vary in intensity of teacher/pupil interaction.

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Production Date:  1978
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Elementary Education--Psychology
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