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Title:   " Synectics and Group Investigation "

The first teaching model demonstrates one aspect of synectics, a strategy for developing and improving creative problem solving ability. The teacher uses a warm up activity for motivational purposes with fifth graders; then she makes use of a metaphoric activity in which the students are encouraged to view the benefits of brainstorming. In this setting, synectics activities enhance the problem solving capacity and creative thinking processes of the individual student. The role of the teacher in this model is that of a facilitator. Her behavior is such that the students respond comfortably and fluently. In the second model, a teacher and her second grade students are involved in a group investigation of the concept of communication through social inquiry. This model is more structured than the synectics model. The teacher develops the idea that each species of animal has a unique system of communication. From this information, each student is encouraged to develop the hypothesis: animals use sounds to communicate. The students use speaking and listening skills as they communicate in this process of inquiry into their search of how animals communicate.

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Production Date:  1979
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Elementary Education--Psychology
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