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Title:   " Concept Attainment and Advance Organizer "

Both of these models are in the information processing family of teaching models; they are designed to help students remember concepts and subconcepts as they progress in school. The first episode shows an English teacher using the concept attainment model. This lesson for high school juniors was developed from a unit on the concepts of fact, opinion, values and influences in reading material. The teacher focuses on the concept of influences as the students form a definition for the category through deductive reasoning. The second episode shows a junior high school mathematics class. The teacher is using the advance organizer model, which is well fitted to the content in mathematics because it is organized in a hierarchy. The lesson concerns solving motion problems and the teacher provides an organizer that is designed to help the student acquire the specific concepts and absorb them into their own patterns of organization. Then, by following a series of phases or processes, the teacher attempts to provide the student with a structure of ideas. This allows the student to meaningfully relate the concepts to previously learned material.

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Production Date:  1979
Length:  30 minutes
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Subject:  Education--Elementary Education--Psychology
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